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Micronesia is the northwestern region of Oceania and is home to many tropical and subtropical Pacific Ocean islands.



The Capitol complex in the Palauan capital of Melekeok , the world's least populous national capital

  • Hagåtña
  • Koror
  • Majuro
  • Melekeok

Other destinations


Micronesia is a vast area that mainly consists of water. Transport can be a major issue because of the lack of an organized highway or byway, found in larger and more vast countries. Due to the lack of space on the islands, most activities are nautical, scuba diving etc.


English is the official language of all countries and territories here.

Get in

Palau and Guam have the best connections from outside Micronesia. The US territories, insomuch that civilians are allowed to enter, are connected to the US. As the airports often aren't large enough to accommodate large airplanes, expect flights to be of the island-to-island type which often means several landings and takeoffs before you're at your destination.

Get around


There are only three world heritage sites in Micronesia:

  • The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Site, Ralik , Marshall Islands
  • The Rock Islands outside Koror , Palau
  • The site of Nan Madol outside Pohnpei , Federated States of Micronesia




Stay safe

By using general common sense, most tourists and travelers will not have any difficulty around the islands.


Micronesia does not host many foreign embassies.

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